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Stackable Syringe Pump

Stackable Single-channel Syringe Pump


Syringe Size: 10,20,30,50/60ml
Infusion Modes:Rate Mode, Time Mode
Safety:Double CPU to make sure higher standard infusion
Time Preset:0~99h and 59min
Volume Range:0.01~9999.99ml
Flow Rate Step by:Increments at 0.01 ml/h
Flow rate range:10ml Syringe  0.01ml/h-400ml/h;20ml Syringe  0.01ml/h-600ml/h;30ml Syringe  0.01ml/h-900ml/h;50/60ml Syringe  0.01ml/h-1200ml/h
Purge/Bolus rate/Top flow rate: 10ml Syringe, 400ml/h;20ml Syringe, 600ml/h;30ml Syringe      900ml/h;50/60ml Syringe, 1200ml/h
Audible & Visible Alarms:Syringe Dislocation,Occlusion,Near End,Pause Overtime,Low Battery,Battery Exausted,VTBI Completion,Syringe Empty,Motor Malfunction,Incorrect Syringe Specification,Circuit Malfunction,Internal Communication Malfunction,Master CPU Malfunction,Monitoring CPU Malfunction
KVO:Rate≥10ml/h:KVO=3ml/h Rate<10ml/h:KVO=1ml/h
Occlusion Pressure:High:106.7KPa±26.7 KPa;Middle:66.7KPa±13.3 KPa;Low:40.7KPa±13.3 KPa;
Pause Overtime Alarm: 1min50s—2min
Power & Battery:20VA, AC:100V-240V 50HZ/60HZ, DC:11.1V,Lithium battery support  from 7 to10  hours
Classification:Class II,type CF,IPX4
Dimension & Weight:140mm(width)×260mm(length)×110mm(height) ; 2.5Kg
Optional Function: Event Log with at least 2000 history records,DC