• we furnish it with delivery bed,gynecology chair, obstetric table, infant
    warmer & incubator,ultrasound
    scanner, baby cart, baby weighing scale
    fetal monitor ect.

    Delivery room

  • Patient room

     Hospital bed, overbed table, bedside cabinet, accompany chair, screen, foot step,IV pole,medical trolley ect. are available

  • Perfect solution with operating table & lamp, pendant, anesthesia machine, ventilator,patient monitor, defibrillator, nfusion pump,suction unit ect.

    Operating room

    Hall 8 F15,30 January - 2 February 2017 Dubai Internation Convention & Exhibition Centre

    7- 9 June 2017 Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand,Johannesburg,South Africa

  • FIME
    August 1-3,2017 Miami Beach Convention Center,Miami,Florida

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