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Stackable Infusion pump

Stackable Single-channel Infusion pump


Power consumption:30VA
Infusion Principle:Fingertip Peristaltic Pump
I.V.Set Compatibility:All brands
Range of flow rate:0.01~1800ml/h (1000-1800ml / h by A.C.)
Infusion rate step by:Increments at 0.01 ml/h
Infusion mode:Time Mode,  Rate Mode,
Purge/bolus rate:1-1800ml/h, can be programmed by user,default value 800ml/h
(1000-1800ml / h by A.C.)
Time Preset:0 h : 0 min~9999h : 59min
Volume Range:0.01~9999.99ml
Volume Infused:0-9999.99ml
Total Volume Infused:0-999999ml
Bubble sensitivity:Detestability of air bubble ≥40uL
Occlusion pressure:High: 100KPa±30KPa;Middle: 60 KPa±25KPa;Low: 40 KPa±20KPa
Visible & audible alarms:Air in line, Occlusion, Door open, VTBI completion, Low battery,,Drop Error,Pause Overtime, Master CPU Malfunction,Monitoring CPU Malfunction,Air Detect Module Error,Pressure Detect Module Error,Motor Malfunction,Battery Exhausted, I.V.set Error (SC115), Heating Error (SC113), A.C Connection, A.C Disconnection
K.V.O rate:1ml/h~5ml/h, defaul value 1ml/h, can be programmed by user
Internal battery:DC:11.1V,Lithium battery support  from 7 to10  hours
Power:AC:100V-240V 50HZ/60HZ
Working environment:Temperature: +5--+40°C ;Atmospheric pressure: 20%--90%; Relative Humidity:   700hPa--1060hPa
Classification:Class II,Type CF, IPX4
Dimension & Weight:140mm(width)×260mm(length)×110mm(height) ; 2.5Kg
Optioanl Function:Event Log with at least 2000 history records, input DC , Drop Sensor