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Led X-ray film illuminator

Hight brightness X-ray film illuminator
(LED;brightness adjustable)


with the function of automatic switching-on upon film-inserting
with the function of delayed switching-off  after a film is removed 
install method:wall-mounted type and bracket type(the bracket is an optional component)

Technical Parameter:
External dimensions(mm):    460*520
Film-viewing area(mm):       360*440
Backlight source type: LED   Color temperature: 9,300K
Service life:                  80,000 hours
Average brightness:        300 cd/m2-4000 cd/m2
Average illuminance:       900 lux-13,000 lux
Brightness uniformity coefficient of viewing screen:≥90%
Appropriate films: ordinary analog x-ray film;high-density digital x-ray film;mammography medical film
Power supply:voltage self-adaption built-in power supply
Voltage:AC110V-240V  Power: 35W±10%  Frequency: 50/60HZ
Operating conditions:the ambient illuminance in the room shall not exceed 100 lux