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5KW Mobile X-ray Equipment

BT-XS04 High Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment

Standard configurations:

1. Combined high-frequency high-voltage X-ray generator and high-frequency inverter power supply (5kW, 120kV, 100mA, 50 kHz)                one set

2. New mobile X-ray photography mainframe                       one set

3. Mobile X-ray photography control system                        one set

4. Rotating beam limiting device                                  one set

5. Remote control                                               one set

6. Spare parts (See spare parts list for detail information)             several


The machine is combined high-frequency X-ray photography diagnostic equipment, which is used in radiology, orthopedics, wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, and ICU, etc. It is mobile diagnostic equipment which can make radiography on human body, such as head, limbs, chest and spine.


Power Output: 5KW

Main Inverter frequency: 50 KHz

X-ray Tube: fixed anode focus: 1.5 (X-ray tube for high frequency)

Tube Voltage: 40kV~~120KV (interval 1KV)

Tube Current: 25mA~~100mA

4049kV     100mA     1180mAs

5059kV     77mA      1140mAs

6069kV     64mA      1125mAs

7079kV     55mA      1110mAs

8089kV     49mA      1100mAs

9099kV     44mA      180mAs

100109kV   32mA 163mAs

110120kV 25mA      150mAs

mAs          1.0180mAs 46steps)

Power Supply: 220V±10%   50/60Hz   Inner-resistance ≤1.0Ω

Operation Method: Wire/wireless control


1. With compact appearance, flexible movement

2. With high frequency inverter to emit high quality X-ray and low dose on skin, and ensure excellent definition and contrast of pictures

3. With techniques of KV analog closed loop control, mAs digital closed loop control and micro-processing real-time control to ensure precision and repeatability of the dose.

4. With kV, mAs two button adjustment, LCD display, multifunction of safety guard.

5. With 50 preset exposure programs, and can be modified and stored by the user for convenient operation.

6. With a high-quality knockdown X-ray generator to reduce irradiation, it is much safer to environment and operator.

7. With fault automatic protection setting and fault alarming display

8. The system can keep parameters automatic, in case losing data.

9. With a rotating beam limiting device to adjust the X-ray field and angle, so it can ensure accurate radiography results.

10. With high kV function, it has wide using range and good effect of photography.

11. Manual control and remote control are used to expose. Wireless remote exposure control can penetrate barriers, which makes operation more convenient.