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3KW Mobile X-ray Equipment

BT-XS01 Mobile X-ray Equipment


1. Using ergonomic design, the structure is of compact appearance, convenient operation.

2. It adopts high pressure-resistant electrical tube with enough kV and mA, so the definition and contrast of the machine are good.

3. With combined X-ray generator, the tube and rocker can move up and down freely. So the patient can take photography in a wider range of direction.

4. Because of symmetrical adjustable beam limiting device with light source, the x-ray beam can be adjusted according to demands.

5. X-ray generator is matched with protective stereotype inside, and 10 meters wireless remote control exposure is adopted, so it causes less hurt to the operators and environment.

6. The current has three gears (15mA, 30mA, 50mA), different current can be selected according to different photography requirements, thus using range of machine is wider.

7. Anti-electric shock, anti scattering and full-wave rectifier

8. The electric performance is stable and reliable. Multi-protections are adopted to prevent over-voltage, over-current and output overload etc., so it’s safer.

9. Telescopic vertical rotating angle is larger than 60°.


The machine is mobile X-ray radiography medical diagnostic equipment. It can be used in wards, operation rooms and emergency rooms etc., and it can satisfy the radiography requirements of human body such as head, chest and limbs.


Output power


X-ray tube

Fixed anode

Max height:≥1750mm, Min height:≤500mm

Rotate around horizontal axis 180°

Rotate around vertical axis ±90°

Rectifier method

Full-wave rectifier

Tube voltage

40~90kV 9steps

Tube current

50~90kV 15mA

50~90kV 30mA

40~80kV 50mA

Photography time

50~90kV 15mA   0.1~6.3s

50~90kV 30mA   0.1~6.3s

40~80kV 50mA   0.1~1.5s

Power supply

220V±10%  50Hz  Inner resistance≤1.0Ω

Operation methods

Wire control/wireless control (10m)