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ESR Analyzer

ESR Analyzer



Number of test samples : 10 items at the same time                 
Max test speed : 20 samples/hour             
Suited ESR tube: 1.6ml ESR tube(vacuum or normal)                              
Samples volume : 1.6 ml anticoagulant blood (blood 1.28ml+anticoagulant0.32ml), the height of the inputting tube 60 mm                    
Accuracy range of sample: 50mm~64mm                                   
Read resolution : ±0.2mm(westergren method result±1mm)                
Interval of reading :1 minute                      
Test time :The test time is 30 minutes, equivalents to 1 hour                     
Westergren method: The test time is 60 minutes, equivalents to 2 hours Westergren method 
Display:128×240 LCD screen
Power: 12V(SELV) by external power supply                                                      

Main function 
1. The sample means: a randomized into the sample position, ready for testing;
2. The resulting output: display and print the sample number (serial number), Wilcoxon method test results and the whole process of ESR curve, detection time and temperature; when the detection time 60 minutes, it can automatically calculate, display and print the Katz index;
3. The instrument has a select temperature compensation. When you select this function, it can at room temperature 18 °C -30 °C ESR correction based on test results corrected to 18 °C, the table values;
4. The instrument can store no less than 150 samples of test results, including sample number (serial number ), ESR values and dynamic curve;
5. Power protection, power failure, automatically save the completed testing of the test results;
6. Preparation of built-in thermal printer apparatus
7. Operation interface: membrane keyboard;
8. Communication interface: RS-232 serial interface