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Blood Coagulation Analyzer

Blood Coagulation Analyzer



Number of Channels : 2                
Reagent Storage : 4             
Sample Preparation                                 
Positions : 6, 3 with timer                    
Reagent Volume : 100μl                                         
Stray : ≤1%                 
Inter channel Error : ≤3%                         
Linearity Error : ≤1%                     

1.The blood coagulation analyzer has two independent detecting places. It can detect different items and different samples of the same item contemporary.
2. It is based on photoelectric principle and can put up items of PT, APTT, TT, FBG and active measurements of many cruor factors.
3. It has a device reagent-adding can be automatically detected by which you can use ordinary sucker to add the regent. For your convenience, the mixing device is vibratile so you do not need to beat it up.
4. It has an inner printer so you can conveniently print the detecting report.
5. There are advanced design of optic system and data processing software to eliminate the disturbances of high-fat-blood, icterus, hemolysis and chyle.
6 .It has many functions ,such as detection, set, inquiry and showing & saving test results.
7. It has convenient  timing up function.
8. It can delete the test results of the last day when it starts up for the first time next day.