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Surgical X-ray Equipment

BT-XF01 Surgical X-ray Machine

Item Contents
Power Supply Voltage: 380V±38V Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz Capacity: ≥40kVA, Internal Resistance: ≤0.17Ω
Tube Voltage: 44kV~125kV, totally 41 grades
Tube Current: 32mA~500mA adjustable with different grades
Exposure time: 0.02s~4s, totally 21 grades; Control interface: touch-screen

Digital X-ray High Voltage System Fluoroscopy
Tube Voltage: 44kV~110kV continuous adjustable with 2kV each grade
Tube Current: 0.5mA~5mA continuous adjustable

Digital controlled X-ray tube
Type: XD51-20, 40/125; Power output: 40kW(max) 20kW(min)
Anode thermal capacity: 100kJ; Assembly thermal capacity: 900kJ (1250kHU)
Rotary anode speed: 2700rpm; Tube focus: 2.0 (max) 1.0 (min)

Micro-controlled digital upper
tube remote-controlled surgical

Movement range: 90°~0°~25°
Bed transverse movement range distance: ±110mm
Portrait movement of photography frame and track spot film: ≥720mm
Photography dimension of whole film: 8”×10”~14” ×17”
Spot film division: whole film, 2-division film, 3-division film, 4-division film
Method to control bed: remote control, bed-control, Soft boot and stay of frequency conversion
Beam applicator: electrodynamics multi-pin
Bed-applied fixed bucky grid: Grid density: 103L/INCH
Grid ratio: 10:1, Focus distance: 120cm, 15” ×18”

Digital TV system
EGA: 9” Toshiba, High resolution CCD (digital camera); imported low-light 0.47 MEGA PILEXS
Monitor: 14” medical high definition monitor, horizontal central resolution 1000 thread, edge 800
thread, video wideband 12.5mHz, 50bit, 25 pictures per second
Picture-process system: high definition and non-interlaced output, 8-grade noise reduction, 7
pictures in storage, LIH, mirror image rotation in vertical and horizontal, positive-negative
image; OSD (monitor display)