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Luxurious Electric Stretcher Cart

Luxurious Electric Rise-and-Fall Stretcher Cart


Size: 2100*850*720-950mm      



1) Linak electric motors
2) The frame is steel, aluminum alloy handrails, 
3) With CPR handle
4) Backrest can be for x-ray
5) Bottom platform is steel material
6) Electric control panel
7) Rise-and-fall guide wheels
8) With I.V. pole, 8cm thinkness PU cover water proof mattress
9) Maximum loading capacity:250kgs 
10) Back section is controlled by spring, foot rest controlled manually
11) Locking function with central locking system

1) Backrest max upward angle: 75°   
2) Footrest Max upward Angle:45°                                                                                 
3) Height adjustment: 720-950mm  
4) Trendelenburg: 15°  
5) Anti-trendelenburg: 15°