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Electric Motor Operating Table

Electric Motor Operating Table


Main feature:

Extra low design 680mm min height,longitudinal movement 250mm,with emergency power,suitable for x-ray and c-arm

Dimension of table top:

Overall Dimension of table: 2125*500*680-930mm

Dimension of section:

Head Section:250×500mm;Back Section:465×500mm;Waist Section:75×500mm;Seat section:550×500mm; Leg Section:600×240mm

Range of movements:

1)Reversed Trendelenburg≥20°rendelenburg≥15°

2)Lateral Til≥15°

3)Backward and Forward Movements≥250mm

4)Adjustment of sections:

5)Head Section Raised  from the horizontal:≥45°

6)Head Section lowered from the horizonal: ≥90°

7)Back Section Raised from the horizontal≥75°

8)Back Section Raised from the horizontal: ≥30°

9)Section Lowered from the horizontal:≥90°

10)Leg section opened:≥90°

11)Waist bridge  rise(When optional)≥80mm

13)Lifting speed: 4~16mm/s

14)safe working load135kg

15)Device safety sortI     B

16)Ingress Protection:IPX4


18)Battery capacity is 14 AH  Battery capacity ≥ 2.4AH