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Electric blood donation chair

BT-DN014  Electric Blood Collection Chair

Main performance and features

  • Original product designed with people-oriented idea gives blood donors  a sense of security and comfort and alleviate the psychological pressure, makes the whole process easier and enjoyable.
  • Is the ideal blood collection choice of the blood stations, centers and blood donation housing.
  • Power control and adjust the rear support position and feet rest position, create a secure and comfortable environment for blood donors.
  • It is equipped with the display stand of universal extension and the separate bedside stereo, meets the watching requirement of the lying posture and sleeping position.
  • The appearance is made of high-strength fiber material and poly-layer paint, which is artistic, modern, durable and easy to clean.
  • Imported motor makes its running smoothly, low noisy and free of trouble  within 10,000 times’ operation.
  • Mattress using a high-quality medical polyurethane foam molding, is easy to clean and maintain. Its anti-static and anti-fouling properties is superior to other similar products.

Main technical parameters

Seat surface size: 1850mm × 580mm
Seat surface height: 530mm-750mm
Backboard turning angle: -5 ° -70 °
Leg plate turning angle: 25 ° -75 °

Pedal adjusting distance: 150mm
Handrail swing angle: 0 ° -45 °
Arm lift adjustment distance: 100mm
Handrail size: 450 × 160mm
Lifting speed: 0.8m/min
Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz

Standard configuration

Hand operation: 1 pcs

Handrails Rack: 1 pcs

Power Line: 1 pcs