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Emergency Trolley Hospital Crash Cart

ABS Medicnie Trolley

Model: BT-MYN13


1.The trolley is consisted of ABS, aluminum alloy, steel structure.4 plastic steel columns.  

2. Top: ABS double-layer bottom injection molding process table top, recessed design can prevent items from slipping. There is transparent soft glass . 

3. Front: central lock which can fold outside, equipped with five drawers. the first two small drawers, two medium drawers,One big drawer surface;inside the drawers: 3*3 separator, It can be separated freely. 

4. left: defibrillator platform. Hidden adjustable work table. Stuff box,file box. 

5. Right: with hidden height adjustable IV pole ,2 sharps box in basket, 2 dustbins 

6. Back: CPR board, hidden adjustable Oxygen cylinder holder, 5 Meter electrical wires

7. Castors: 4 PVC luxury noiseless castor. 2 with brake, Anti static , also can prevent hair winding, which can move flexibly;